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Registration Application 2017-18


Please Print Clearly:

 Part 1: Student Information

 Last Name:     First Name: 

Hebrew Name: 

Address:   City: 

State:  Zip: 


Birthday:  Age:

Grade Entering: 


Part 2: Parents' Information

 Father's Name:   Hebrew Name: 

Occupation:   Work Address: 

Phone:    Email: 



Mother's Name:    Hebrew Name: 

Occupation:   Work Address: 

Phone:   Email: 



Part 3: Religious & Educational History

Previous Hebrew Education: 

Are the child's natural parents Jewish by birth? I

If no, please explain: 

Were there any conversions /adoptions in the family?

Where was the conversion done? Who was the Rabbi who performed the conversion?


Part 4: Medical Information (confidential)

 Up to date with vaccinations? 

Any other special medical or other information, which we should be aware of, including allergies?


Part 5: Referrals

 How did you hear about Chabad Hebrew School? 


Emergency Contact Information

Person to be contacted in case of an emergency when parents cannot be reached:

Name:   Phone: 

Relationship to child:   C ity/Town: 

Family Physician:   Phone: 

Medical Insurance Co.:  Policy:


Medical Release Form:

I, hereby, give consent to the administration of the Chabad Hebrew School to take whatever medical measures they seem necessary, at my expense, for my child in the event of a medical emergency.

Signature of Parent: 





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See you all in the 2017-2018 school year!
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Sep. 23, 2017
Shabbat services followed by delicious Kiddush
Oct. 01, 2017
Oct. 14, 2017
Shabbat services followed by delicious Kiddush
Oct. 20, 2017
Warm, welcoming services with songs and stories
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