Our Curriculum:

Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading Program

The Hebrew reading curriculum is based on the internationally acclaimed Aleph Champ Reading Program. This highly motivational system is time tested and proven to be the fastest and most effective method of teaching Hebrew reading and writing to the American child.

Our Hebrew reading curriculum uses the latest educational breakthrough. Based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels and testing, Aleph Champ provides excitement and inspiration, leading the students into a winning cycle of learning.

The Hebrew alphabet as well as the vowels and word formations are divided into 10 colored levels. The students start out as "White Aleph Champs", working their way up the colors of the rainbow to be a "Black Aleph Champ" like their teachers. Games, cards, logs and rewards make every step along this remarkable journey a fun and educational success.

Judaic Studies

Our Judaic studies curriculum is comprised of selected materials culled from award winning educational programs such as Torahpedia, Jewish Lifecycles and Jewish Children International Lessons in Hebrew Holidays. We strive to keep
our curriculum diverse by covering the widest possible range of Jewish traditions, heritage, history and curriculum.

Some topics covered are MITZVOT – good deeds such as Tzedakah, love, protecting the environment, hospitality, honoring parents, mezuzah, and brachot (blessings); HOLIDAYS – appreciation of the special quality and holiness of Shabbat and Holidays with a journey intothe historical background, customs, and observances of each festival through stories, songs, activities and projects; JEWISH HEROES - Children will learn to view our Avot (patriarchs) and Imahot (matriarchs) and other Jewish heroic figures as role models. They will be taught morals and ethics from people highlighted in the weekly Torah portion. The children will gain knowledge of and a love for the land of Israel and its people.

Hands On Inter-Action

At Chabad, the richness and beauty of our Jewish traditions come to life. Our dynamic programs will educate, stimulate and excite your children intellectually, emotionally and practically.
We believe that a child’s Jewish learning must be creative, memorable and fun. Because at Chabad, children don’t just love to learn about Judaism, they learn to love Judaism too.
Instead of merely imparting typical textbook lessons, our expert instructors share their own love and passion for Jewish life and teach by example too.
From lively interactive classroom discussions to exciting hands-on learning programs, our unique learning experience will engage, excite, involve and inspire young minds and hearts.

We know that ideas taught academically should also be followed by exciting hands-on workshops in order to maximize a child’s learning experience. Special how-to sessions such as Shofar, Matzah and Havdallah candle making were designed to bring Jewish Holidays and observances to life in a fun way.