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"There will be no more lonely people..."

Have you ever felt alone? Do you know someone who is lonely? Stuck at home? Sick? Feeling blue?

Or perhaps someone who needs some help? Someone who just had a baby? Just moved in to town?

Established in 2009 with the initiative of Charlotte Greenberg, the SunShine circle provides a circle of light and love to those who need it. 

Whether it's a visit from the Rabbi, a basket of food, a hot bowl of chicken soup, or a fresh Challa - Chabad is here for you!

If you would like to volunteer, or if you know someone who needs us, please email [email protected] 

For an $18 Chai donation, you can specify if you would like to sponsor:

A visit

A hot bowl of Chicken Soup

A Fresh Challa

Hug from Chabad - (stuffed animals for sick children)

Purim Special: A Plate of Hamantaschen 

Check our photo gallery to see the SunShine Chabad has brought over the years:

Delivering stuffed animals to sick patients; food packages for Hurricane victims; visiting the sick; Garden therapy and more...