Purim festivities set for Saturday, Sunday

By: Al Wicklund, Staff Writer


Jewish Communities plan plays, concerts and feasts to celebrate Purim this weekend.

   MONROE — Purim, the Jewish festival celebrating Queen Esther and a Jewish people's victory over the Persians, will be marked this weekend by merry-making, feasting and masquerades.
   Among the activities in Monroe Township will be celebrations by the Chabad Jewish Center of Monroe.
   Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky of the Chabad Jewish Center of Monroe said there will be events at his Gravel Hill Road home Saturday at 7:30 p.m., and on Sunday there will be a Chinese kosher dinner and a concert by Chassdic folk singer Chaim Fogelman at the Westin Hotel, Route 1, Forrestal Village, Princeton. 
   He said there will be a free bus taking people from the Concordia Shopping Center to the hotel leaving at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.
   Rabbi Zaklikovsky said the celebrations will include readings of the Megillah with a slide show, a festive meal at the Westin Hotel, an exchange of gifts of ready-to-eat food and, as part of the giving and sharing of the holiday, charity to the poor.
   For more information, call the Chabad Jewish Center at Monroe at (609) 655-2200.