Women's Round Table

Gallery: Sefer Torah Dedication

Jewish women have always had a unique role to play in fostering community.
As individuals, we each have something unique to contribute to our community.
Through a deeper understanding of our unique Jewish women’s spirituality,
we are able to meaningfully contribute to our Jewish community
while bringing warmth and inspiration to our own daily lives in our homes and families.
At the Round Table, we share and explore
our Jewishness, while fostering friendship and community growth.

All Jewish women are welcome regardless of background, knowledge, or level of observance.

Schedule 2016:

 Classes take place every Tuesday at 10:30am - Coffee and Cake.

This summer's theme- Foundations

Presenter - Mrs. Chanie Zaklikovsky


All Classes held at the Chabad Center 261 Gravel Hill Rd. Classes are self-contained.