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Chai Club
Chabad Jewish Center of Monroe



Dear Friend,


Spirited discovery. Lively services. Energetic Jewish life. These are some things that Chabad Jewish Center is privileged to share as a community each day. Together, we joyfully observe the major milestones of Jewish tradition. Together, we celebrate the vibrant endurance of our heritage in a society marred by vanishing dreams.


Because of the economic downturn, our closest friends and biggest supporters have been forced to limit the financial support of better years. Like you, we cannot dream of slowing our continued activity. So we have launched Chai for Life to involve the entire community in a practical and evolutionary drive to ensure Chabad's growth.

Chai for Life relies on the strength and power of the united participation of the community. Your Chai for Life commitment of a monthly sum will continue benefitting you, your family and community forever.

In Hebrew, the word CHAI, meaning Life has a numerical value of 18. Our goal is to accumulate 1,800 units of $18 in monthly donations to ensure our community's long term survival and growth.

As a Chai for Life member, you will be informed of the fund's continued progress so together we can see the fruits of your participation and labor.

Giving has been made simple and easy. You may make your monthly donation via credit card or check.  You may also choose to wrap the 12 monthly donations into one annual donation, just indicate your preference below. To become a Chai Club partner, please click the link below: