Dear Friend,

We are filled with emotion and joy as we look forward to welcoming a brand new Torah written in memory of Rabbi's dear brother, Dovid ע"ה, who passed away almost 2 years ago (just shy of his 40th birthday).

Dovid was full of joy and love. He was a special young man, who had Down's Syndrome. Although he may not have achieved the conventional milestones of a typical boy, he greatly enriched the lives of those around him with his smile and gentle personality. For us, the most fitting way to perpetuate his memory was with the legacy of a newly written Torah, and the most meaningful way to celebrate his life is in the presence of community, family and friends.

As such,  please accept our most personal invitation to join us on Sunday September 11, 1pm (12pm inscription of final letters), at Chabad Jewish Center, 261 Gravel Hill Rd, and make history by welcoming the new Torah!

We are grateful for the support of all who made this happen, especially the Royal Grove community. If you would like to participate in this special Mitzvah, please see the options below. CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE.

With endless gratitude,

Rabbi Eliezer and Chanie Zaklikovsky



Dedications of a Parsha ($600+) or more will have the opportunity to inscribe one of the final letters of the Torah at the Welcoming Celebration.


Dedicate one complete book of the five Books in the Torah.
Bereishit • Shemot • Vayikra • Bamidbar • Devarim



You may choose to mark a personal occasion or to connect to a unique blessing in the Torah.
Selections include: Blessing for Children • Hashem, Hashem-13 Attributes of Mercy • Az Yashir-Splitting of the Sea • Bircat Kohanim-Priestly Blessing • Ten Commandments • Shema Yisroel • Vayehi Binsoa • Chazak-End of Book



Dedicate a weekly Torah portion for yourself, your family or a friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary or in memory of a loved one by choosing the portion of their Yahrtzeit.



Dedicate an Aliyah in honor of your family (or each member of the family) and/or in memory of loved ones.



Endow a Torah verse that has special meaning to you or a friend.



Endow a word in the Torah that has special meaning to you or a friend.



Endow letters of a Jewish Name for yourself, your famiily members or a friend.